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When it comes to nature’s bounty, many would agree that few elements can compete with a beautiful tree. Whether it’s your pleasure to sit beneath the cooling canopy of a sprawling oak, or to behold the tenacity of a windswept pine clinging to a crevice in the Canadian Shield, it seems it is ingrained in us to admire trees. They purify our air, beautify our surroundings, protect us from the harsh elements of sun and wind, and increase the value of our properties in more ways than one. 

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Our arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and are trained in the art and science of planting and caring for individual trees.

ISA-certified arborists achieve accreditation by demonstrating mastery in the knowledge of tree care and a commitment to safety, continued education, and an industry Code of Ethics. Simply put, ISA certification is the best way to ensure you are putting your trees in the hands of qualified and trustworthy professionals.
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Kyle Vincent
ISA Certified Arborist PR-4825A

What Is Arboriculture

Arboriculture is an inclusive approach to tree care that integrates pest and disease management, soil conditioning, tree selection, planting, training, stabilization, pruning and, when required, removal of trees to deliver the optimal circumstances for overall tree vitality. At Coulson Bros. Arboriculture, we believe tree health and happiness comes from building relationships with you and the trees on your property. 

Serving the Muskoka and Parry Sound regions with a menu of services designed to do much more than just troubleshoot problems as they arise, our focus is on the unique and rugged environment of the regions, and establishing the groundwork to ensure that the trees within it can thrive, not only now, but for years—and generations—to come.

Our arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and are trained in the art and science of planting and caring for individual trees. ISA-certified arborists achieve accreditation by demonstrating mastery in the knowledge of tree care and a commitment to safety, continued education, and an industry Code of Ethics. Simply put, ISA certification is the best way to ensure you are putting your trees in the hands of qualified and trustworthy professionals.

Coulson Bros.’ specialized equipment and unrivalled barging capacity ensure the tools are in place to service the trees on your property—whether that is to nurture your tree population through regular maintenance, assessment, and tree training, or for something more unexpected and urgent, such as 24-hour storm clean-up. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you—and your trees—covered.

Our arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and are trained in the art and science of planting and caring for individual trees.

ISA-certified arborists achieve accreditation by demonstrating mastery in the knowledge of tree care and a commitment to safety, continued education, and an industry Code of Ethics. Simply put, ISA certification is the best way to ensure you are putting your trees in the hands of qualified and trustworthy professionals.

Responsibility to the Muskoka Environment

The Muskoka region comprises a unique environment that offers its own rewards and challenges when it comes to tree care. At Coulson Bros. Arboriculture, we are specialized in what the Muskoka landscape has to offer. We consider it a privilege to assist our clients in developing and implementing the right plan for their trees and their cottage or home, a plan that respects the importance of protecting the shoreline, the sparkling lakes, and the rugged forests of the region. When dead, defective, or fallen trees or branches need to be removed, or when space needs to be cleared for a construction project, our fleet of specialized equipment allows us to get there, target the specific area, clean it up, and leave without damaging the surrounding trees or landscape. When tree planting is part of our clients’ property plans, our arborists select quality tree specimens from reputable nurseries, ensuring the right tree is planted in the right location.

Tree Care Solutions



Trees in the forest generally do quite well with Mother Nature’s pruning, but on your cottage or home property, informed pruning will not only beautify your view, but maintain the structural integrity of your trees. Our ISA-certified arborists understand the biology of each particular tree species on your property, and will craft a unique pruning plan to meet your landscaping goals and the needs of your trees. Whether this involves pruning a young tree to develop a strong structure and beautiful form, cleaning the canopies and removing dead, dying, diseased, or weak branches, thinning to increase light penetration and reduce sail-effect from winds, attaining clearance for people or buildings, or establishing vista views of the lake, we have the right equipment and knowledge for the job.  

Soil Rehabilitation

At Coulson Bros. Arboriculture, our arborists believe in analyzing tree well-being from root tips to canopy tips. Soil health is an important but sometimes overlooked component of tree vitality. When soil is healthy and full of essential nutrients, trees thrive and are better protected against disease and infestation. Conversely, if soil quality is compromised due to improper fertilization, exposure to contaminants, or poor naturally occurring levels of soil nutrients, trees and landscapes will be more vulnerable to damage and disease. Our ISA-certified arborists will assess the conditions of your soil and make recommendations based on our discoveries. Using remedial techniques such as soil amendment, air spading, aeration, fertilizing, and mulching, we can resolve problematic issues, including poor pH levels, nutrient deficiencies, and soil compaction. Identifying the right plan of action to remedy poor soil conditions will provide long-term benefits to your trees and landscape. 

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

We love trees, and our primary focus will always be to keep them healthy and to help them survive and thrive in Muskoka’s challenging environment. But there are times when trees need to be removed for the safety of the people who live near them, or because they are diseased, dead, or dying. In some cases, selective tree removal improves the health and viability of the surrounding plants and trees, or is a necessary step in a new construction project or addition.  Our ISA-certified arborists will help you review your options so you feel confident about tree removal decisions. 


Whatever the reason for removing a tree, it is a hazardous job that comes with its own unique challenges in the rugged Muskoka landscape. With specialized equipment and the fleet of Coulson Bros. Scow Service at its disposal, CBA has the muscle to get to your tree, remove it, and haul it away safely and quickly.

“The best part of happiness is the pines.”

– Terri Guillemets

Insect and Disease Management

Because insects and diseases can compromise the health of your trees, effective management includes regular visual checks to spot abnormalities. It’s important to remember, though, that a healthy ecology includes abundant insect populations. Tree owners who misdiagnose and try to remedy pest problems can inadvertently do more harm than good, threatening the health of beneficial organisms who are contributing to the health of the tree. Using the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Coulson Bros. arborists, in conjunction with their on-staff entomologist, have the training and knowledge to spot the signs of disease and insect infestation, and to recommend the best treatment plan for the particular species of tree and the extent of the problem.  


Cabling and Bracing

Many factors, including improper pruning, wind damage, and pre-existing decay can weaken a tree’s structure. In some cases, tree cabling and/or bracing can be effective measures to provide additional support without compromising the aesthetic beauty or natural health of the tree. Tree cabling involves installing sturdy flexible steel cables high in the crown of the tree to provide supplemental support for tree limbs or to restrict their movement and reduce the likelihood of breakage. Tree bracing involves the use of threaded rods to fortify branch attachments and multiple stems that have been assessed as weak. Not all trees are good candidates for cabling and bracing, and such installations must be inspected regularly. Your Coulson Bros. certified arborist can help you determine if any of your trees would benefit from this type of treatment.


When it comes to fertilizing trees, commercial fertilizers are intended to supplement nutrients and minerals that would ordinarily be provided by nature in an untouched environment. When these nutrients and minerals are missing or inadequate in urban and suburban soils, fertilizer is added to achieve the proper balance for optimal tree and landscape health. Our ISA-certified arborists will perform a soil analysis and recommend a treatment plan tailored to your soil conditions.  

In addition to the usual considerations, fertilizing in the Muskoka region requires sensitivity to the potentially harmful effects of runoff in our lakes and other water systems. CBA Services uses only low-phosphorous organic fertilizers to safeguard waterways and beaches from harmful algae blooms that have plagued other systems, including the Great Lakes. We can also conduct an evaluation of your site layout to ensure that your landscaping is working to prevent the leaching of valuable nutrients away from your trees. 


“We love trees, and our primary focus will always be to keep them healthy” 

Storm Clean-up

Storms and severe weather can leave devastating tree damage in their wake. Torrential rains may soften soils, potentially overturning even mature trees in strong winds. Lightning strikes can split trunks, and heavy snow and ice may leave toppled branches on buildings or vehicles, blocking access to driveways and roadways, or cutting out power lines. In addition to CBA Services’ 24-hour emergency response capabilities, our ISA-certified arborists can help assess your property after a storm, identifying less obvious hazards and implementing preventive measures to mitigate your trees’ vulnerability to future storm damage. Furthermore, with the largest operating capacity on the lakes, we can handle the most extensive clean-up jobs. We will work in conjunction with hydro companies, home insurance professionals, disaster restoration companies, and others to help you and your family return to your normal daily life as swiftly as possible.  

storm cleanup

24-Hour Emergency Response

Any time a heavy storm hits or emergency tree trimming or removal is required, CBA Services’ 24-hour emergency response crews are ready to respond.  Coulson Bros. Scow Service has the equipment and infrastructure in place to reach even the most remote of Muskoka’s homes and cottages, assess the situation, remove potentially dangerous hazards, and get your trees and your property cleaned up. Our arborists’ technical expertise and equipment ensure safe resolution of dangerous problem situations, including those involving hydro lines, confined spaces, or suspended broken tree limbs.  

Young Tree Training

Following the wisdom of the adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, one of the focuses in our line of arboriculture services at Coulson Bros. involves employing juvenile tree training now to advance tree integrity and beauty in the long term, and to avoid problems down the road. Small cuts to a young tree are far less damaging to its aesthetic appeal or health than are large or uncontrolled, accidental cuts to a more mature tree. Taking a proactive approach, juvenile tree training includes selective pruning of young tree branches that will predictably become problematic as the tree ages due to the proximity of buildings, roadways, or other trees in the surrounding area. Tree training techniques also aim to promote the structural integrity and visual appeal of trees as they mature. Your Coulson Bros. arborist will work to establish a relationship with your young trees and to develop and implement a schedule of tree training visits as they become established residents on your property. 


Tree Inventories and Health Reports

If trees are going to thrive in the environments we provide for them, proper management is vital. Coulson Bros. consulting services include detailed tree inventories as part of an overall tree care management plan. Through the completion of a tree inventory, our arborists gather information about the trees on your property, including species, numbers, location, health condition, hazards, insect and disease issues, and any maintenance that may be needed. With this information, we work with you to identify goals and develop a proactive management plan within your budget. Among other things, this may include quarterly walkthrough visits from one of our arborists to ensure potential problems are caught early. In addition, our consulting services include tree health reports for construction projects, outlining the impact of proposed construction on tree populations and how to mitigate negative consequences through the use of tree protection plans. 

Service-line Clearance

Trees are the most common cause of unplanned power outages. For many homes and cottages in the Muskoka region, hydro and cable lines leading to the home are the homeowner’s responsibility. CBA Services offers service-line clearance to ensure that trees interfering with hydro and communication lines are safely pruned or removed, reducing the risk of unplanned service interruptions. Careful assessment by our ISA-certified arborists will also help in identifying potentially dangerous situations, such as branches that are rubbing on power lines and creating shock hazards at ground level. Finally, we’ll identify and treat all non-compatible vegetation along the service line, encouraging robust growth in vegetation that will not interfere with overhead wires. Our qualified experts can recommend and implement a plan to secure adequate clearance for service wires now and for years to come, keeping your lights on reliably.



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