Coulson Steel on the cover of HIDEAWAYS 2017 Issue

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On the cover of the 2018 issue of HIDEAWAYS magazine is a Launch house project that is supported by a Coulson Bros. Steel Dock.

What is under your Muskoka dock and boathouse is al least as important as what’s on top.

Docks play a leading role in your enjoyment of time at the cottage, and apprehension about their condition and upkeep is unwarranted. Coulson Brothers will consult on dock locations, get approvals, install and, if necessary, even jack up a boathouse to replace  the dock underneath it.

Steel docks for a strong foundation.
Steel docks have become the industry standard, making worries about dock deterioration a thing of the past.
With steel, you don’t get rotting, shrinking, or shifting. The piles are either driven in or pinned to the bedrock, and the dock stays as level and stable as the foundation of your cottage.
Even if you have a thick layer of silt over the bedrock on your lake bottom, a steel dock can still be supported on a solid footing through the use of helical pile technology. With the Coulsons’ specialized equipment, this torque-driven dock piling system drills each steel pile into the lake bottom. With less steel and concrete needed for the piles, this process can offer financial savings.

As well as being virtually maintenance-free, steel docks are also environmentally friendly. “It’s hard to get a permit for crib docks now,” says Arnie Coulson, “because their larger footprint disrupts the fish habitat and water flow.” Steel piles create a much smaller impact on the lake bottom than a crib dock of equal size.

Innovative and unparalleled workmanship in the engineering, design and construction of steel docks and overhead structures for over 20 years.

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