Muskoka Lakes Salvage and Recovery

Coulson Bros. is the leading provider of water salvage services throughout the Muskoka Lakes region. With a focus on safety, efficiency and responsiveness, Coulson Bros. proudly offers world-class integrated salvage services for all Muskoka Lakes salvage projects.

Whether the Muskoka Salvage project involves a boat, plane, snowmobile or even a car or truck, Coulson Bros. has the equipment and experience to ensure an efficient and safe salvage and recovery operation.

Our underwater recovery services have seen the recovery and retrieval of sunken snowmobiles, planes, ATVs, boats, cars and trucks.

Our lake salvage and recovery services are offered in all areas of Lake Muskoka , Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph.

Visit our Muskoka Lakes Salvage and Recovery Gallery to view a selection of recent salvage activities. For more information give us a call today: (705) 764-1672.

Salvage of Muskoka Lakes Wooden Boat at Cottage

A Muskoka Boat Salvage Project.

Salvage of Float Plane by Barge on Muskoka Lakes

A float plane salvage and extraction on Lake Muskoka.

Aerial of Warplane Salvage on Muskoka Lakes

Coulson Bros. salvage and recovery of WWII Nomad airplane.